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Take a walk down memory lane...

Hello residents of East Charlotte, NC! We are looking for memories of your neighborhoods – maybe it's a family photo, mom's favorite recipe, a letter from a loved one, or the menu from your favorite restaurant. Whatever it may be, we would like to include it in the panels of a public art piece that will be installed in the newly created Potter's Park at the corner of Central Avenue and Kilborne Street.

To participate, just click the UPLOAD button below and attach your image as a .jpg, or .png file that is 15MB or less. Then, fill out the contact form, and let us know what neighborhood you live in and give us a brief description of what you sent. The click SEND. Please remember, these images should not be copyrighted by someone else or pilfered from the internet. We are looking for original content. Also, by sending it to us, you agree to let us use it in whatever form we think best for the project. Thanks again for letting us walk down memory lane with you!

Let’s See What You've Got.

First, Click the UPLOAD button below to attach your image.

Next, fill out the information below and give us a brief description of what you sent, then hit send.

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Thanks for submitting!
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